Los Angeles Shops to help you get your car prepared for the track/streets

Pierce Motorsports   310-542-2977

Jim Pierce can build you a race car from scratch. So what do you need done? Only need a cage, exhaust, custom A arms, custom sway bars, brake upgrades, fuel cell installation…piece of cake. He will even come support you at the track, driving instruction, mechanical support, data, test/tune, etc, etc. Want to ” Live the Dream” ? Call Jim !!!Last time I was at Jim’s shop a flatbed just dropped of a shell of a car just bought off of Craigslist by some out of town client who said “Just make that thing into a race car!”. He sells all the right stuff so be sure and talk with him before you just start ordering stuff off ebay.

Vellios Machine Shop   310-643-8540

Harry and Norb, the 2 Bill’s,  and Art fix it all..(your broken junk). I can’t fit here what all these guys can do to fix your engine. From fixing your precious cracked vintage Porsche or Packard exhaust manifolds, to line boring your 1920’s Cadillac v12,  lightening your flywheel, and ballance your engine rotating assembly, fix your crank, heads/valves. On cars that run Bonneville, Road Racing, Drag Racing,  Street Racing. Flatheads, Japanese, Hemi’s, Stuff you’ve never even seen before. Trust these guys. They wont loose your shit and they’ll have it done yesterday.

Callas Rennesport   310-370-7038

Tony Callas is who you wanna see if you own a Porshe or BMW. Why? In his free time he travels around the country to these dealerships lecturing their mechanics on proper service for these cars. He has been involved in endurance Porsche road racing in Europe as well as here. His shop is like walking in to an Operating Room, clean, organized and mechanics moving fast to get your precious baby back on the road/track and then triage the next guys precious patient, i mean Porsche,  to a bay. Like clockwork. We even hired a couple of his guys to wrench for us at 25hrs of Thunderhill a few years back. They have the passion.

Johnson’s Alignment   310-370-6301

Steve Alercon, owner, road races Porsches. When you go to a shop to get a track/road race alignment you don’t want to have to explain to the technician about more positive caster for high speed stability and more negative camber to keep you tires happy and your car balanced. The tech usually will scratch his head and tell you, ” you don’t want that, It will wear your tires out”. Thats when you want to turn around a run. Run to see Steve over at Johnson’s alignment. Even if you don’t know what geometry you want, don’t worry about it, Steve knows. He can set up your old vintage stuff right for track/road race as well the new stuff. It’s everyday stuff. See him before you buy all the aftermarket stuff ’cause he might be able to save you a bundle of cash.



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