Spring Fling Speed Festival, April 11th, 2019

Spring Fling Speed Festival XII, April 11th, 2019

This is a High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) for street/OEM cars. Some race prepared cars will attend as well. Run groups will be divided according to experience. Don’t be shy, this is not a race. It’sFullSizeRender-6 for the driving enthusiast. If you are a Newbie rest assured that we will work with you to build skills that will help keep you safe and get the most from your experience. All cars are welcome!

As seen on Hot Rod Network….last years event, check it out !!!

In car footage from 2016 SFSF-X

Back by popular demand ….. Drag Racing at lunch. Cash prize to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

This little known secret Mopar event has been going on for 12 years now. The SFSF has been the training ground for well developed Mopars who’s owners don’t subscribe to the “if it’s sold in a magazine then it must make my car faster”.

If you are going MAD trying to get your car ready in time for this event give us a shout…we may be able to help. Currently we are having group weekend work thrash sessions on a ’72 Cuda, ’70 Camaro, both of which have yet to set tire on a track yet. Also putting finishing touches on a ’69 Camaro. They are in the neighborhood and have a fridge in the garage so we couldnt help ourselves. Let us know if we can help.

Spring Fling Speed Festival (SFSF) is coordinated with CPW Club Spring Fling schedule at Woodley Park for the convenience of those who come long distances for a fabulous Mopar weekend. SFSF is April 11th, the Thursday before the CPW Club Woodley Park show which is April 13th and 14th.

SFSF is the largest collection of MoPars at a road course. Bring your trailer Queen, or project rod and give her the workout she deserves. What better way to spend a day than at the track with a mix of bondo buckets and trailer queens blasting down the 1/2 mile front straight at 90-140 MPH, or faster if you feel like it.

Drivers Wanted
Who’s eligible? Anyone with a driver’s license, a car and a helmet. All cars are welcome… we’ve seen them all. Bring a friend and come join the excitement !!! This is only 55 miles from Spring Fling/Woodley Park location.


Wednesday the day before: 2 pm- 9pm BBQ and corral of cars and drivers in the pits


0700 Gates open, Freshly cooked breakfast available, organic on request.

0745-0815 Tech open

0825 Mandatory driver’s meeting (DON’T miss this if you are planning to drive ! )

0900-0930 “Chalk Talk” for newbies, with Dan English.

Instructors are: Dan English, Bob Reed, Jim Pierce, Chris Pomykala, Tim Herren

0900-1200 Run groups on track

1200-1245 Drag Race, GoPro SD and battery change

1300-1700 Run groups on track

1700 Awards

1800 Dinner at El Indio, Mexican food, 3 miles back on Rosamond towards the 14 fwy, turn left at El Indio sign on 40th St. and go ¼ mile North, you’ll run into it.

Photos: At track print work and CD’s available at very reasonable pricing. Custom t-shirts in the gift shop.
MoPax: web group focused on driving MoPar’s around corners, christopherheiny@gmail.com

This all day track event is $325.  Pre-register before 3/14/19 and pay only $275.

Same Day Registration add $50. So that’s $375 same day for you last minute types. No credits or refunds after 3/14/19.

No Passengers allowed.

Convertibles must have either a fixed 4 point cage, or Pop-Ups with 5 point harness.

Please send check to :
Tim Herren
14750 Miller Ave
Gardena, Ca, 90249
or PayPal: therren_2000@yahoo.com
for questions call (310) 227-324seven, or email Tim@AlltimeRacing.com

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