Spring Fling Speed Festival VIII, 2014, Thursday April 3rd, WSIR

'66 Dodge DartThursday, April 3rd, 2014 at Willow Springs Raceway

This is a High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) for street/OEM cars. Some prepared cars will attend as well. Run groups will be divided according to experience. Don’t be shy, this is not a race. It’s for the driving enthusiast. WE ENCOURAGE NEWBIES. That’s why we go to the expense of having extra instructors and class room instruction.

This little known secret Mopar event has been going off and on for almost a decade in it’s newest form. We had been able to keep the Antelope Valley Mopar club from knowing about it until 2 years ago. They thought their only event was the Palmdale Raceway drag strip. The San Diego Mopar club was convinced their only option was to build a Mopar Trans Am clone and get VIP parking at the Coronado Classic. Which is a great way to cheer on someone else having fun driving a Mopar. Now Rumor has it that Hot Desert Mopars may have even caught wind of this event.

We were able to keep the press away,ie, Mopar Action, Mopar Muscle, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, by not offering them free passes. Even aftermarket performance manufactures didn’t want to show up. Instead they would just rent the track and hand pick a group of drivers who would happily drive single file around the track just to get a free sway bar. The SFSF has been the training ground for well developed Mopars who’s owners don’t subscribe to the “if it’s sold in a magazine then it must make my car faster”. Most of the attendees have more seat time than forum time. “Why?” you ask. “Aren’t all the secrets to driving fast posted on the forums??” Yes, yes they are that’s why the Chalk Talk will be made available to you by webinar. To subscribe for the “Chalk talk” webinar please register using the email address below, operators are standing by.

This year, just to show our dedication to this sport, we are going to help you finish building your car at the track so you don’t have to miss another year. Lets face it, it’ll probably be another 3 years before you get around to it anyway. Limited to the first 15 applicants. We reserve the right to just have you all help each other , and we will coach, in lieu of us actually doing the hands on part.

Spring Fling Speed Festival (SFSF) is coordinated with CPW Club Spring Fling schedule at Woodley Park for the convenience of those who come long distances for a fabulous Mopar weekend. SFSF is the Thursday April 3rd before the CPW Club Woodley Park show which is April 5-6.

SFSF is the  largest collection of MoPars at a road course. Bring your trailer Queen and give her the workout she deserves. What better way to spend a work day than at the track with a mix of bondo buckets and trailer queens blasting down the 1/2 mile front straight at 90-140 MPH, or faster if you feel like it.

If you have a Mopar on the LX, LC, or LD platform and your looking for a little more than cones at El Toro we understand. Your Gull wing Challengers, Chargers, and 300’s are welcome here on a case by case bases. Submit your application to the email listed below and tell us in 100 words or more why you would like to join this event. We normally don’t have music at this event so maybe you’re car could provide some bumpin’ sounds.$_57

Drivers Wanted
Who’s eligible? Anyone with a driver’s license, a car and a helmet. All cars are welcome… we’ve seen them all. Bring a friend and come join the excitement !!! This is only 55 miles from Spring Fling/Woodley Park location.


0700 Gates open, Freshly cooked breakfast available, organic on request.

0745-0815 Tech open

0825 Mandatory driver’s meeting (DON’T miss this if you are planning to drive ! )

0900-0930 “Chalk Talk” for newbies, with Dan English, clothing optional, no GoPros allowed.

Instructors are: Dan English, Bob Reed, Rod Bean, Jim Pierce, Chris Pomykala, Tim Herren

0900-0920 Red group-fast group
0920-0940 Blue group-faster group
0940-1000 Yellow group- newbies

photo copy1000-1020 Red group
1020-1040 Blue group
1040-1100 Yellow group

1100-1120 Red group
1120-1140 Blue group
1140-1200 Yellow group

1200-1245 GoPro SD and battery change

1300-1320 Red group
1320-1340 Blue group
1340-1400 Yellow group

1400-1420 Red group
1420-1440 Blue group
1440-1500 Yellow group

1500-1520 Red group
1520-1540 Blue group
1540-1600 Yellow group

1600-1620 Red group
1620-1640 Blue group
1640-1700 Yellow group

1700 Awards

1800 Dinner at Golden Cantina 3 miles back on Rosamond towards the 14 fwy, turn left at Golden Cantina sign on 40th St. and go ¼ mile, you’ll run into it.

Photos: At track print work and CD’s available at very reasonable pricing.
MoPax: web group focused on driving MoPar’s around corners, christopherheiny@gmail.com

This all day track event is $325.  Pre-register before 3/13/14 and pay only $275.

No refunds after on time registration date 3/13/14, which is 3 weeks prior to event. Same Day Registration add $50. So that’s $375 sameday for you disorganized, uncommiting types.

Please send check to :
Tim Herren
14750 Miller Ave
Gardena, Ca, 90249
or PayPal: therren_2000@yahoo.com
for questions call (310) 538-8098 or email Tim@AlltimeRacing .com

Track video

Event info

– Lots of track time, lots of clean laps

– Newbies welcome…we get you up to speed

– Street cars and Race cars welcome, or just bring out your pile of crap and we will get it running for you.

– Professional Instruction included

– Technical support

– Friendly atmosphere, safe environmentdownload

– Race fuel: unleaded and leaded

– Snack bar, grille, wet bar.

-Tire Shop

– What else do you want?, Faster lap times?…you got it!!

Track Rules

-2000 or newer M or SA rated helmet required.
-Long sleeves & Long pants while driving…track rule. Your there to watch your boyfriend drive….no long sleeves or long pants permited
-No Passengers allowed…track rule. You need an exception to this rule? We don’t care.
-Convertibles must have a 4 point roll bar with 5 point harness…track rule. Questions about this? Call the track

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